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About WMP

We supply cold formed parts to the metalworking industry from simple to complex forms and near net shapes.  Parts are formed with minimal material waste and excellent surface finishes.

Large vertical presses are used to cold form preliminary blanks. Weiser Metal Products can supply your needs from cold formed blanks to complete finished parts utilizing our diverse secondary manufacturing capabilities. WMP secondary operations include flattening, piercing, turning, grinding, and sub assembly.

With every order we offer value engineering starting with careful analysis of the customer and product quality requirements through each step of the manufacturing process. Through final design and engineering approval, WMP will cover pre- quality planning, manufacturing feasibility, and dimensional analysis of your product.

Consider WMP for your new product from concept to finished part. WMP professionals will work closely with you assessing the grade of material and manufacturing feasibility of your product. WMP will carefully appraise every aspect of the cold forming and secondary manufacturing process to ensure that your parts conform to your quality aspects.

We have been serving the metalworking industry for over 35 years. The WMP engineering staff will evaluate, design and build all perishable tooling required for your new product keeping overall costs at a minimum.

Located in Northeast Michigan WMP is available to provide you with metal forming and shaping solutions.
Because of our size and experience we can evaluate and develop tooling, satisfy PPAP requirements and launch production in a relatively short period of time.

Can we help you to increased profits and improved quality through the use of cold formed parts produced by Weiser Metal Products?